Forever Ready to Learn

Now that multimedia writing is coming to an end, I am beginning to become more grateful for the skills I have developed. The stress is drifting away and the fears of trying something completely new and foreign are gone. I can now look back on what I have learned.

Week one’s blogging and tweeting seemed so difficult and annoying. Now, blogging is a piece of cake and a great place for sharing those ideas your roommate won’t listen to. It will also be a great tool to use once I am hired at that future company or firm or where ever my career may take me. Twitter is no longer the enemy, but an ally. It challenges me everyday to try to find the newest or most relevant story to share with the world.

Linking has turned out to be a pretty amazing tool. It saves me lines and lines of explaining because I can just link you to it. Linking has also made attribution that much easier.

Creating my own video and slideshow turned out to be one of the most rewarding accomplishments that I have ever been apart of. The excitement of photographing the event and interviewing the people opened me up to a new passion that I didn’t know I had. Editing, however, closed me off. The editing part was a bit more tricky. I am glad I learned how to do it and parts of it were fun. The trouble with our computers and the programs just reinforced my hesitation with technology. Saving, importing and exporting still don’t work the way they should. The plus side of the spectrum is the fact that I now have the ability to use iMovie and YouTube.

Hands on work is definitely the way to go when it comes to a classroom situation. I have always been a fan of jumping in head first and learning as you go. Learning from your mistakes gives you more experience in my opinion.

After taking multimedia writing, I am willing to be open to new technology because it is inevitable. Technology is still brand new and has years of growing to do. My lifetime is still going to see hundreds of new developments from technology and that means I just need to be patient and prepared to learn.

I have learned an enormous amount and developed lifelong skills. I have taken in more useful information in these past 4 weeks than I have in a handful of my other classes over the past 3 years. I will forever have these skills saved in the back corner of my brain as a secret weapon available at an given second.

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Learn to be a Quick Learner

Week three of multimedia writing turned out to be another learning experience. This week I had to quickly become an expert photographer, master of the flip video and an intriguing interviewer. We jumped head first into our projects.

My partner and I decided we would do our video report and soundslide on an ever popular summer event. We chose classic and unique car show night at Busters, a local bar and grill. Classic car shows can be found at many different locations throughout the summer. We had a blast taking photos and shooting video. Practice is definitely the key in learning how to use technology. 

The next step in creating our video and soundslide was to learn how to import the pictures and footage. Also, we had to learn how to use the programs for editing our projects. Since we only have two weeks left of class, we have to try to catch on as quickly as possible. The convenient part is that there are so many tutorials on how to use all these programs and devices. Some of the programs and devices we have learned to use are the zoom, the flip and iMovie ’09.

My hope is to get my video and soundslide up on my blog for everyone to see. I still have alot to learn about these programs and the every expanding world of technology.

Clicking is beginning to Click

Each day after my multimedia writing class concluded last week, I left feeling a little overwhelmed and confused. I wondered if we really needed all the media technologies we were using in order to be successful in our future careers. I was finding media such as twitter, blogging, linking and so on to be more work than anything else. I decided this week to bring a more positive attitude to class and do my best to engage in learning new media.

Our week got off to great start with guest speaker, James Santori, publisher of the Mankato Free Press. Santori presented us with great information on new media in a news room and in journalism. One of Santori’s first slides was about 10 things a journalist should know how to use in new media to be successful today. At the top of that list was, of course, twitter and blogging. I instantly felt grateful to be involved in my multimedia writing class. Even my teacher was excited to see that she is teaching us the necessary tools to for the future.

I began looking around on my own trying to figure out other opinions on what one should know about media in the journalism and PR professions. I came across another top 10 list. After I read this list I again realized that everything mentioned on this list has in some way, shape or form been touched on in my class. I caught myself knodding and smiling while reading this list because I could relate to what they were saying. The other great thing about this list is that it is from someone’s blog. I was able to find it because of the tags they used. Strangely enough, we just learned how to use tags this week as well. It is just all coming together for me.

I really want to share a piece of advice Santori left our class with at the end of his presentation. Santori said that we should always assume the person next to us is smarter than us and we should always be prepared to learn something from them. We need to be engaged in the world around us and always be open to learning something new. This is how we will be successful and continue to grow as a person. What he said made me stop and think about how I live my life. I truely believe that Santori is absolutely correct and everyone should live by what he told us. Everyone always wants to be smarter than everyone else and most people assume they know more than the person next to them. The reality of it all is that everyone knows something different and no one knows everything, so always keep your mind open because you never know what you will learn.

Alot to Learn; The Future of Journalism

This was my first week of Mass 330 Multimedia Writing. I am definitely taking in plenty of new information and it has only been four days. I am extremely happy I took this class because it offers massive amounts of new media information that will be helpful on my journey towards a career in public relations. I am learning to tweet on twitter. Follow me at brown_dani. I am also learning how to do this whole blogging thing. One man we all have to thank  for the world wide web is Tim Berners-Lee. I am also learning how facebook and google are actually invading our privacy more than we know. Google picks up on the words we use in our gmail and then sends advertisements to us that relate to the words we use. This makes me kind of nervous. I can’t wait to see what else I will learn in the next four weeks. Media is so interesting and there is always something new to learn.

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