Knowledge of Ethical Issues

As an aspiring public relations professional, it is important to know the rules and regulations that come along with online writing. Chances are I will be blogging, linking and everything that comes along with online writing. Now that I know how to blog, I think it would be very useful for a PR professional.  Knowing the ethical issues that come along with blogging is extremely helpful.

Since many people using the internet believe blogs to be factual and sources of news in some cases, it is important to use standards when writing a blog. For example, a blogger should only publish things they believe to be true and use proper links to material online. After reading the guidelines bloggers should follow by blog expert Rebecca Blood, I have started to take blogging more seriously. It isn’t only a place for people to rant and rave about their daily lives.

Another ethical issue that touched home was about image and sound editing. All week I have been working on my slideshow and video that I recently posted. The book “Online Journalism: Principles and Practices of News for the Web” by James C. Foust discusses how it is important not to overuse the  special effects on our editing programs. This can dramatically alter original work and give misleading information. Although it is alright to edit out some sound material and use transitions in slideshows and such, there are some editing options that are not acceptable.

These ethical issues are very important to understand and have knowledge of. After editing my projects this week, I now understand why it is neccessary to have guidelines and rules. With all the special features and manipulations that can be done, a whole project could be completely recreated from its original form.

Knowledge is power!

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