Clicking is beginning to Click

Each day after my multimedia writing class concluded last week, I left feeling a little overwhelmed and confused. I wondered if we really needed all the media technologies we were using in order to be successful in our future careers. I was finding media such as twitter, blogging, linking and so on to be more work than anything else. I decided this week to bring a more positive attitude to class and do my best to engage in learning new media.

Our week got off to great start with guest speaker, James Santori, publisher of the Mankato Free Press. Santori presented us with great information on new media in a news room and in journalism. One of Santori’s first slides was about 10 things a journalist should know how to use in new media to be successful today. At the top of that list was, of course, twitter and blogging. I instantly felt grateful to be involved in my multimedia writing class. Even my teacher was excited to see that she is teaching us the necessary tools to for the future.

I began looking around on my own trying to figure out other opinions on what one should know about media in the journalism and PR professions. I came across another top 10 list. After I read this list I again realized that everything mentioned on this list has in some way, shape or form been touched on in my class. I caught myself knodding and smiling while reading this list because I could relate to what they were saying. The other great thing about this list is that it is from someone’s blog. I was able to find it because of the tags they used. Strangely enough, we just learned how to use tags this week as well. It is just all coming together for me.

I really want to share a piece of advice Santori left our class with at the end of his presentation. Santori said that we should always assume the person next to us is smarter than us and we should always be prepared to learn something from them. We need to be engaged in the world around us and always be open to learning something new. This is how we will be successful and continue to grow as a person. What he said made me stop and think about how I live my life. I truely believe that Santori is absolutely correct and everyone should live by what he told us. Everyone always wants to be smarter than everyone else and most people assume they know more than the person next to them. The reality of it all is that everyone knows something different and no one knows everything, so always keep your mind open because you never know what you will learn.